Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It just seems like we don't have enough of it right? Well, I thought so myself, until I took this Stress Management class this semester that told me otherwise. If I feel like I don't have enough time, its because I don't effectively spend the 24 hours I'm given.

Its been a while since I blogged hasn't it? well nursing school got a little too crazy this past two semesters and mom still doesn't know how to make a post, I doubt she even knows how to even Look at the blog. Anyway, just a few quick updates from since that last time I blogged...

I went on a fun little trip with my two good friends, Whitney and Jesika, to San Diego with the M.U.S.S bus (mighty utah student section) to watch the University of Utah play San Diego. I absolutely LOVED the trip. Even though it was just a 3 day trip, I'd say it is one of my top 3 favorite vacations ever. That might also have to do with the fact it was only $100 for the ride down/back, hotel stay for the weekend and dinner and a ticket to the football game. The game itself was WELL worth the $100, so I got a screamin deal.

While Nursing school has been kicking my butt, I have absolutely loved it! In a month I'll be done with my first year, can you believe it?! It's gone by so fast! Jamileh has been having fun living down in Provo with our wonderful cousin Talysha. She's just recently decided to move back home for the summer, which she isn't very happy about. Lucky for me though, 'cause I'm sure gonna need her this summer. Mom's still doin her preschool thing. Man, I respect her a lot for being able to do that all day long. We just got her cute little flyers done for next year though.

So Alex decided this year to put his soccer skills to good use and start playing football this year!! Woot woot! I am SO excited for us! I mean him. I guess I'm excited for him and us =] It's been really weird to watch him grow up so much this last year. He has even had girls over recentlym, and that's just plain weird for me. At least he followed my advice and found some cute girls to bring over. He's going to be 16 in two weeks, can you believe it? I've decided to be an awesome sister and throw him a surprise birthday party. I even made a cute online invitation for facebook.

Let's See..What else to blog about? Oh right, I think I skipped a couple holiday's. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went in a blink of an eye. Thanksgiving was a little different last year because we were missing a few of the wonderful Kay clan.

Christmas also found it's way into our crazy lives...but I am unable to locate the pictures right now.
Goodness could this post get any longer? Well, I was going to post it into a few different ones, but I figured one giant catch up post would be alright for now.

Over the past few months I've also managed to catch me a wonderful guy. His name is Kyal, he's 22, I met him in my singles ward, he is absolutely wonderful. He is amazing and treats me like a queen, I definitely got lucky with this one. The best part is that my whole family (even those crazy redneck cousins I have) love him. I guess I kinda like him too... ;) I love you babe!
fyi please just ignore me in these photos. I need to take some new ones asap.

Kyal is actually getting ready to go on a mission. We've been getting all of his paperwork and interiews done these past couple of months and it's finally come down to the countdown. He'll be getting his call next wednesday so I'll keep you all updated when we find out. I'm really excited for him to go, I know he's going to be a fantastic missionary.

We took mom out for her birthday this year to a new little Mexican place just down by Costco. Here is the conversation I had with our waiter:

Waiter: Hello ladies, do you have any questions?
Me: Yes, I do. I was wondering since we are celebrating my mom's birthday today, does she get to wear one of those crazy big hats? (I was thinking more like a Sombrero)
Waiter: Ya of course! I'll bring that right out.
Me: Perfect, thank you kind sir.

This was the outcome of the conversation...

I guess this bad economy has really hit hard in the Sombrero Department. Either that or our Mexican dude has an obsession with Princess Leia and Elephants.
Alex ended up putting good use to the birthday hat and went longboarding in his D.I. outfit.

I guess I didn't have much to say about Dad and Kameron this time. Kameron's Futsal team actually just won the championship! Again, I need to find the pictures for that. And dad...well dad is doing just fantastic. He's working hard every day to keep all of us little munchkins happy. He's the perfect guy to be our dad. And I know how much he loves to have pictures of himself so I'll just post a few for him and Kameron.

I'm sure I'll be thinkin of more things I could post about so keep your eye out for some more updates!