Sunday, August 29, 2010

We've Finally Checked Into Blogspot

Hello World of Blogging!

Yes, its true, you read the title right. The Mortezazadeh family has checked in to the online world and have started a blog! Now, let me define that a little bit. Usually its the mother who writes posts about her family and the activites each child go through, but not in this case, at least not yet. This blog will actually be narrated by me, the oldest daughter of the clan, Shayda. For a while now I've been debating on whether or not I should start a blog for myself, but I just didn't think that I'd have enough interesting things to talk about. Then one night I was thinking and got the great idea that I'll write a blog for the whole family! The avid blog readers in our extended family should appreciate this since we are the only family out of my mom's sisters to live anywhere north of Mona, UT and more than 10 miles away from the original house they grew up in. So this'll give them the opportunity to find out what's been going on 'up north'.

So I guess I'll give an introduction to the family and a background on how it all started. Now, since I'm just the daughter, I may not give the story that actually happened, but the story that my parents decided to tell us.

About 22 years ago, young beautiful Kristy began her new job at Showbiz Pizza. Little did she know, this was where she would meet the man of her dreams. Now some of you may be wondering, really? Kristy dreamed of marrying a short, bald Iranian who was a manager at Showbiz? Luckily the guy she really dreamed about doesn't even compare to how awesome my dad is. Anyway, because they couldn't resist the romantic aura of Showbiz, the two fell in love and decided to get married.

Over the next 22 years they had 4 children: Shayda Parveen, Jamileh Dawn, Alex Hamid, and Kameron G. We've moved many times over the years but have found our home in Highland, UT and have loved living here.

All I can say is Thank you Showbiz!

Oh and the more I get used to this blogging thing and understand how it all works, I'll post better pictures and edit the look of the blog too.